In the UK, there’s a block on evictions, in Paris not anymore. Milan, luxury flies

In the UK, there’s a block on evictions, in Paris not anymore. Milan, luxury flies

In the United Kingdom until March 25, 2022, there is a block on evictions: defaulting shops’ tenants cannot be evicted. In France, the government is only now allowing property owners to go to court in the event of non-payment. Milan: after a 2020 in which the number of visitors has more than halved, the boutiques of via Montenapoleone are starting to do business again. Since there is no American and Asian tourism, however, it relies on Italian and European customers.

Block on evictions

In the UK, the ban preventing landlords from suing defaulting tenants will expire on June 30. However, it was extended for another 9 months. As the BBC points out, on the one hand there is the sigh of relief from shopkeepers, on the other “landlords” (ie property owners) are complaining. Why? In addition to underlining the difficulties of the missed collections accrued in two years, they denounce those tenants who do not pay, even if they could. The UK Hospitality and British Retail Consortium (BRC) commercial groups said that combined unpaid rents would be  5 billion pounds. A time bomb ready to go off when state protection ends.

In France not anymore

In France, on the other hand, from June 1, the government has given owners the possibility, previously prohibited, to appeal to the judge in the event of non-payment. However, the law establishes that defaulting tenants “cannot incur interest, penalties or any financial or legal measure for delayed or non-payment of rents”. A provision valid for 2 months from the end of the restrictive measures for the activity involved.

The Quadrilatero

In Milan, according to what Guglielmo Miani (president of Montenapoleone District) reports Adnkronos, the recovery has been underway for about a month: “We are working very well with Italians and Europeans, turnover has increased a lot”. Miani recalls how in 2020 the district recorded 3.4 million visitors against 8 million in 2019. “Next month we will have official data, but we are approaching satisfactory levels – he concludes -. Of course, taking into account that we expect Americans and Asians, still missing at the moment. In the short and medium term, there will be great consumer euphoria”.

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