Leather tales. Pompeii’s last fugitive (76 A.D.) found beside 20 coins, his home key and a leather bag

Pompeii keeps surprising. The restoration of the ancient tannery, discovered around 1873 under the ruins of the city buried by the eruption of Vesuvius, in 79 A.D., just entered its second phase. UNIC are supporting such restoration, which will bring to the set-up of an open-air museum, available for visitors. Yet, in the recent days, the breaking news was about a new amazing archeological discovery: researchers found the skeleton of a man, “a merchant perhaps”, pointed out Massimo Osanna, director of the archeology park. He also remarked, “This finding is extremely precious” since “objects found next to the man tell us, to a very detailed extent, about the way men who lived in the city spent their daily life”. Beside the man, the so-called “limping fugitive”, they also found 20 silver coins, a key (supposedly the man’s home key) and a small leather bag that contained all his stuff. As for leather, it was tanned, most likely, in the same tannery that is currently being restored.


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