The virtual turning point is not just a slogan: Gucci and OTB in action

The virtual turning point is not just a slogan: Gucci and OTB in action

Gucci and OTB push on digital. The double G brand takes an important step in the field of virtual reality with Snapchat. Renzo Rosso’s group launches a virtual but hyper-real showroom. The integration between physical and digital is accelerating, with needs imposed by the problems related to Covid-19. And, in a short time boundaries will no longer be distinguishable, as experts in the sector claim.

Gucci and OTB

Gucci launched on Monday, June 29, two “lenses” on Snapchat each showing two pairs of the most recent shoes, for a total of four models. Which ones? Gucci Ace, Gucci Rhyton, Gucci Tennis 1977 and Gucci Screener. Using Snapchat AR Lenses, Snapchat users can select the shoes on the screen, point the their smartphone’s camera towards their feet and virtually wear the shoes.

And if they decide to buy them, they can do it immediately by pressing the “shop now” button. The service is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Japan.

As WWD points out, for Snapchat the launch represents the first case of technology used by a fashion brand. For Gucci, on the other hand, it represents a new way to reach a young and global audience. Snapchat reaches over 100 million people in the United States alone, over 90% of whom are aged between 13 and 24.

Rosso’s ideas

OTB group, which controls (among others) Diesel, Margiela and Marni, launched Hyperoom, the “hyper-real” virtual sales showroom for its spring/summer 2021 collections. It is made in collaboration with Accenture. Hyperoom allows sales staff, connected in live chat, to accompany customers on a journey through the three-dimensional spaces defined within the virtual showroom. All products have been digitised through videos and 360 degrees images.

As reported by MF Fashion, in addition to strengthening the digital channel, the initiative raises the group’s level of sustainability. Why? Because allows to reduce the number of samples produced and the emissions related to their transport.

“I always thought that limits exist only in our mind and that obstacles can become opportunities – comments its patron Renzo Rosso -. To face such difficult times you need courage, alternative points of view, and creative ideas. Just like this project: innovative, digital and sustainable, for people, for the environment and for the future of fashion”.

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