Bizzarri: “Leather industry and tanneries drive Gucci’s higher sustainability”

Marco Bizzarri di Gucci a Polimoda Duets

While talking about sustainability, Marco Bizzarri may proudly announce the accomplishments achieved by Gucci: “In 2018, our use of renewable energy amounted to 70%; we aim at reaching 100% of it by the end of 2020. Thanks to such transition, we successfully managed to reduce emissions of CO2 by nearly 46,000 tons”. As pointed out by the chief executive officer, the fashion brand, which belongs to Kering group, engaged its whole supply chain in such green endeavour: “Since 90% of our company’s emissions derive from the leather industry, we may therefore assume we are quite close to the goal”. The leather industry actually drove, overall, the sustainability best practice.

The leather commitment

Gucci, remarked Bizzarri while speaking to the Sole 24 Ore, have implemented, both for the company and for suppliers, the strap-less program, “according to which we are going to reduce the amount of water and chemicals in the leather tanning process; likewise, we shall limit greenhouse gas emissions coming from transports”. Thanks to such program, they could save “3,400 more tons” of gas emissions, proudly emphasized the manager. Yet, such accomplishment would not have been feasible without the leather industry tangible commitment: “In 2018, eight tanneries, among the partner ones that supply us, – said Bizzarri during his interview at the Sole 24 Ore – participated in the strap-less program. In doing so, we managed to save 843,000 kW of energy, ten million litres of water, 28 tons of chrome and 117 tons of other chemicals; on top of that, we succeeded in reducing leather processing scraps by 66 tons”.

The story goes on

Gucci believe there is still some work to do. In fact, the fashion brand, together with Kering, turns out to be a subscriber of the Fashion Pact. In the meantime, some additional projects are underway: “Although we were not able to remove completely greenhouse gas emissions – carried on Bizzarri –, we can offset them through four important projects included in the REDD+ class, a protocol set by the United Nations Agreement on climate changes. We are talking about four action plans that primarily aim to support and safeguard the preservation of forests all around the world”. In addition: “Gucci has been one of the first luxury brands to take on the EP&L (Environmental Profit & Loss) certification – wrapped up the chief executive officer –: such guidelines help us monitor every progress while implementing our sustainability strategy, from 2015 until 2025”.


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