France, CNC launches a new innovative material, Riuc, meaning…

France, CNC launches a new innovative material, Riuc, meaning…

A provocation via communication. CNC (Conseil National du Cuir) in France, has launched a new innovative material called Riuc. Simply put: Cuir written from the end. CNC does so online, using a narrative and language that, in other words, are the same used by those that advertise materials alternative to leather. The rest is at the same time effective and curious.

A new innovative material

Not by chance Ruic introduced itself as “a material from the future”, produced by a process of “organic fibers’ recycling” and “based on biotechnology”. An ultra-resistant material, with unlimited finishing and uses, 100% safe”.

Developed to battle programmed obsolescence

By using communication codes, Riuc was presented as a material “developed to battle programmed obsolescence” of all its alternatives. A result possible thanks to the material’s “physical resistance above average, compared to other materials made with organic fibers”. The communicative result is clear and effective, as is the sarcastic approach with which Riuc/Cuir teases the marketing-based alternatives that allegedly substitute leather.

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