The Amazon, ICEC certifies hides by Italia and Poletto tanneries

The Amazon, ICEC certifies hides by Italia and Poletto tanneries

Italia and Poletto tanneries are the first to achieve ICEC TS 412 traceability certificate for leathers and hides originated from the Brazilian Amazon. The Institute of Quality Certification has developed and implemented a protocol in partnership with NWF (National Wildlife Federation), America’s largest organization for environment conservation and safeguard. “The first two certificates – pointed out ICEC – have been issued alongside the adoption of public sourcing policies”. They include some specific requirements related to deforestation and conversion of natural habitats for hides and skins originated from Brazil.

Italia and Poletto tanneries

What policies does ICEC refer to? They refer to those policies “based on criteria for Deforestation and Conversion Free Leather (DCFL) applying to Brazilian semi-finished leather – they continued on the same release –. We are talking about broad statements contextualizing specific sourcing requirements and illustrating specific action to be taken in order to eliminate deforestation in the bovine leather supply chains”. ICEC and NWF have developed “a complete assessment method” which applies, for the very first time, like we said earlier, to Conceria Italia and Conceria Poletto “procurement profiles”.

The commitment in Brazil

Such tool will enable tanneries to guarantee transparency, as much as possible, about their supply chain, up to breeding farms, related to the South American country. Due to this audit process, “Brazilian leather suppliers of Conceria Italia and Conceria Poletto must adhere to such policies”. On top of that, “they must also provide evidence about their commitment to implementing good practice in order to completely eliminate trade of hides and skins originated in deforested or converted areas – they wrapped up in their statement –. Such process is going to encourage Brazilian suppliers to incorporate complete monitoring solutions and traceability tools”.

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