Recovery messages from Argentina: Curtume CBR pay wages

Recovery messages from Argentina: Curtume CBR pay wages

Facing a few recovery messages from Argentina. In fact, Curtume CBR tannery has announced they are going to pay wages to their employees. The company closed down and suspended activities last July 2nd, while announcing a stop for a month. Such decision caused a lot of tension around workers.

A few recovery messages from Argentina

Despite activity stop and difficulties, related to the pandemic caused by Covid-19 outbreak, CBR have assured they will pay wages to their employees, over 800 people in total. Federico Zalazar, general secretary of the tanners’ trade union (SECALAR), announced it: “The tannery stopped working because of a shortage of provisions, but we hope that the situation will get back to normal by the end of August – pointed out the representative of workers while speaking to –. Once salaries are now guaranteed, the key to take up again is a progressive recovery of international trade”.

CBR problems

Due to CRV outbreak, most hides, which were ready for shipping, could not pass through the customs: that was quite a problem for the company of course. For the records, the company currently exports 98% of its manufacturing, 60% of which off to China. In March, apparently, they stopped 30 containers: they therefore did not get any money for those goods.

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