Another acquisition: Chanel buys Conceria Gaiera

Another acquisition: Chanel buys Conceria Gaiera

Another acquisition shakes Italy’s tanning segment. Chanel buys Conceria Gaiera and further increases its control on the supply chain of leather. The French luxury brand had already purchased Samanta (Tuscany) in 2019, and in both cases, it acquired part of the capital after having been a client for many years, of the two businesses that have a very specialized production. Kid and lamb for footwear and leather goods for Gaiera (headquartered in Robecchetto Con Induno, Lombardy). Printed leather in the case of Samanta (Ponte a Egola).

Chanel buys Conceria Gaiera

News has been in the air for a while, but the agreement was only reached in the last few hours. Conceria Gaiera, founded in 1946, enters Chanel’s ecosystem to satisfy “convergent interests”, reads the statement put out by the brand. In other words, Gaiera can “count on a solid partner with long-term vision. Chanel, in terms, satisfies its need to “accompany activities with an essential supply chain model”. The agreement will not change the org. structure of the tannery, as it will continue to be led by Chicca Miramonti (UNIC – Italian Tanneries’ counselor) and Raffaele Mosconi. Additionally, the tannery will maintain its client portfolio as is.

Chanel’s previous operations

Exactly 1 year ago, Chanel bought Tuscan tannery Samanta and its “unique know-how when it comes to printed leather”. An operation (as the one that involved Gaiera), focused on increasing control over the supply chain, which is a path Chanel has undertaken a few years back. In fact, Chanel acquired, in September 2018, 100% ownership of Spanish Colomer Leather Group, focused on ovine leather. In 2016, it bought over 50% of Mégisserie Richard, specialized in lamb hides. Bodin Joyeux was bought in 2013, three years before the latter, while in 2012 Chanel bought glove manufacturer, Gausse, and started taking control of another French tannery named Tanneries Haas.

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