Data on Italian imports of wet blue from the USA and Brazilian leather

Data on Italian imports of wet blue from the USA and Brazilian leather

Best buyer for wet US wet blue and queen among the destinations of leather from Brazil. The data comes from the USDA’s spreadsheets (US Department of Agriculture) for 2020, as well as from those of SECEX, Brazil’s statistics institute for January 2021. From the first file it appears that Italian imports were high even though there was a general downturn from the Covid-19 pandemic. And the second data set shows that consumption in China is much lower than that of Italy.

Italian imports

The US suffered a 21% decrease in the volume of exports of wet blue in 2020, while value was down 25%. Italy, with its purchases, contributed substantially to the business of American operator. As highlighted by the USDA, Italy is the best buyer in terms of value, spending over 88 million USD in the past 12 months. That’s 10 million more than China-Hong Kong. Within a challenging period, Italy spent 35.7 million USD less than it did in 2019, for the 12 months considered, while Asian countries spent 23.3 million less. Brazil (+6%), South Korea (+60%) and the Dominican Republic (+30%) were against the current.

Brazilian leather’s destination

Yet, Italy is also the preferred destination for the majority of leather exported by Brazil in January 2021. In terms of volumes, China is first with 4.1 million square meters (it was 5.1 million in January 2020), while Italy is first in terms of value, with 24.1 million USD paid, compared to the 22.1 million from China. Italian buyers had bought goods for 13.3 million USD from Brazil, while in 2019 the amount was 19.5 million. The January 20 to 21 increment is of 24.6%. China, on the other hand, registered a 22.6% growth. Even though Italy wasn’t the first in terms of volume of purchases made, the country still recorded a 26% increment in January. SECEX’s data, overall, show a 19.8% increment on yearly basis in terms of value (with a -5.3% between December and January), and a +1% in volume (-11.8% in December).

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