Antiba opens Marchino, a new tannery in Ranipet, India

Antiba apre una conceria a Ranipet, in India

It has been working since last August. It is due to run at full speed by the end of the year. We are talking about Marchino, a new manufacturing project implemented by Conceria Antiba in the town of Ranipet, India.

The project

Let us tell about its name, to begin with. Graziano and Paolo Balducci, who founded Antiba in 1987, give the following explanation about it: “In our family, Marchino used to be our father’s nickname. His name was Mario (he was one of the founders of Arno Group, editor’s note). This is meant to be a tribute to our father”. Ranipet new tannery will manufacture goat leather exclusively, “starting from tracked raw hides and processing them till high quality vegetable- tanned leather”. The initiative, then, is embedded in a wider long-term project that focuses on excellence and industry traceability, carried out by Antiba on a sound and permanent basis. They will consequently “take on around 100 employees, starting from 30 currently hired. The tannery has been working since August, and will be running at full speed by the end of the year”.


Marchino is property of Antiba and Prime, the other Indian tannery they run, situated in Ranipet as well, and working since 1998. Thanks to this tannery, they successfully export Italian leather top quality, not only with regard to products, but also to manufacturing management, which is environmentally friendly. In fact, the tannery is fully compliant with the strictest European standards (“Following the motivations we receive from our fashion and luxury top clients”) in terms of sustainability, safety, traceability, technology and management of environmental effects. Care for environment is undoubtedly one of Antiba’s priorities, considering the investments, carried out by the company, to reduce and fully optimize its own consumption.


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