Textile, accessories, components: at Lineapelle92 industry and fashion meet up

Fabrics, accessories, synthetics: at Lineapelle92 the whole apparel industry and fashion companies meet up.” It’s the most important fair we have been taking part in. We are very happy, since our expectations in terms of visitors have been fulfilled “, says Luca Morelli, CEO for Morelli textile factory. Marketwise he adds: “We can see a slight recovery. Despite Far East competitors, vibrations are good”. Considerable turnout of visitors at Schmid stand, especially on the first two days. “ Very good first day, better than the past editions’, thanks to a number of customers attracted not only by footwear, and more various contacts then”- says Silvio La Cava, sales manager of the company “ many foreigners showed up, especially Americans, Brits and French, but also a few Germans, Portuguese and Spanish. As for the Italian market, it’s split: “ Difficult times for the low-middle bracket , as cheaper articles are increasing in their production, and luxury holds steady”. “Customers want to drive bargains, searching for less expensive shoes”: to be taken into account. More demand for menswear, and sport style for sneakers. Bright prospects for European manufacturing: “In the past customers wanted materials to be sent off to Asia – says Paola Cittadini, Sales Manager for Cittadini -; now deliveries are much more frequent in Europe. Production is coming back”.


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