Argentina, is the Brazilian ownership of Curtume CBR going away?

Argentina, is the Brazilian ownership of Curtume CBR going away?

The Brazilian ownership of Curtume CBR could abandon Argentina. The workers of the tannery and their union representatives expressed this concern on the basis of the company’s deep difficulties. The tannery reopened its doors 12 years ago, thanks to a new Brazilian ownership. Lately, however, things have not been going well, and the pandemic has made things worse.

Curtume CBR Brazilian property

“The leather industry is facing enormous difficulties due to the pandemic, while international demand is at a standstill,” a provincial official told The Argentine portal reports that the leaders of the Brazilian company have asked for financial aid from the state equal to 5 million dollars.

If funds is not delivered, the 800 workers would lose their jobs. “Today, we are talking with employers to get out of the crisis and keep jobs,” the official explained. The tannery closed in July, announcing it would stop for a month. Nevertheless, the top management had announced the payment of wages. In the meantime, however, the problems would increase.


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