Arzignano, Conceria Pasubio grants majority to CVC Capital Partners

CVC Capital Partners, a private equity firm, has signed a binding agreement to which it recognises the majority stake in the holding company that operates the Pasubio di Arzignano tannery. Luca and Alberto Pretto, who retain a minority stake, also maintain the roles they currently hold within the enterprise. According to a note from Confindustria Vicenza, with the tannery transaction Pasubio (300 million euros of estimated revenue for 2017, with predictions of further improvement in 2018) intends to be structured to focus the growth targets. Always in the same note, Luca and Alberto Pretto declare: “This is the best time to join a partner who shares and supports our strategy of expanding the range of products and services for our current customers and, at the same time, International growth also through new acquisitions. ” CVC is active in Europe, the USA and Asia. He currently manages the capital on behalf of over 300 investors and controls activities in 50 different companies with an aggregate turnover of $ 70 billion. Conceria Pasubio specialises in high-quality leather, especially for the automotive industry.

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