At 2018 UNIC – Italian Tanneries meeting: “Italian leather industry invest over 4% of their revenues in sustainability”

Italian leather actually cares about sustainability: “We look at sustainability while implementing our work”. During 2018 UNIC – Italian Tanneries general meeting, President Gianni Russo (in the picture), also in charge of Russo di Casandrino, remarked that firmly. And he is fully entitled to it of course. “Italian tanneries invest, on average, over 4% of their yearly revenues in sustainable projects – he points out -, that is, more than 200 million euros. In 2002, they used to invest about half of it”. Furthermore, – adds Russo – “over 50% of our domestic turnover, 3 billion euros out of 5.1come from a number of enterprises that are variously certified. 76% of waste products are going to be recycled, and that makes leather tanning industry an important player in circular economy, which is one of the goals set by Resource Efficiency Agency while looking at 2020 Europe’s Strategy”. With regard to such issue, Italian tanning industry has been “ahead of the game”, cleared up President of UNIC – Italian Tanneries, therefore meeting “the business strategy of international brands, which requires a synergic cooperation between the players of the industry”.


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