Billy Tannery into a new partnership as Delamere Dairy join capital assets

Billy Tannery ha un nuovo socio: Delamere Dairy entra nel capitale

Milk, butter and even leather now. Billy Tannery have just taken a new business partner. As reported by media, Delamere Dairy, a British company that actively specializes in manufacturing goat milk and dairy products, have recently invested in the small tannery, founded in Northampton, in 2016. Billy Tannery are currently up to tanning Cabrito-breed goatskins: after processing them, they finally get some suitable materials for apparel and accessories. The company launched their first collection in May 2017 following a crowd-funding campaign.

Delamere Dairy invest in tanning

Delamere Dairy currently produce and sell milk, butter and goat cheese. They have been into the business since 1985. Liz and Roger Sutton founded the company: at that time, they had just three goats. Over the years, they have been speeding up considerably: in 2011, they won the Farm Business of the Year award. In the same year, they also opened a factory in Hong Kong, while in 2014 they opened in Belgium. Talking about qualities their buyers like the best, we have to highlight the attention they pay while focusing on the animals’ welfare. It is not by chance that the company has developed a strict conduct code, closely assessed by independent firms, to make sure they provide animals, from which they take milk, with excellent living standards. At present Delamere Dairy have supposedly decided to invest in the recently founded tannery by buying out some of its shares.

Billy Tannery into a new partnership

In the last few years, in the United Kingdom demand for goat meat has been growing a great deal. Yet, in the end, they discarded a vast majority of “Billy” skins (Billy is the informal name given to small goats). Billy Tannery, therefore, primarily aim to save such valuable material. In 2016, its founders turned an agricultural building, situated in the Midlands, into a small-sized tannery. They have two wooden drums they successfully recycled from a former tannery, based in Somerset, shut in 2013. Thanks to such drums, they can process, by tanning, small amounts of hides and skins. After the tanning process, they get several products, which are, more than likely, the only goatskin ones fully “made in the UK”. They currently sell bags, wallets, aprons and sneaker shoes as well.



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