Complimentary tattoos for Lamborghini Huracán EVO Spyder

Dr. Woo tatua una Lamborghini

Moving from Hollywood stars’ skin to Lamborghini seat leather. Dr. Woo, a cult tattoo artist based in Los Angeles, is renowned for his peculiar ability to pattern his own art after the personality of people who will wear his tattoos forever on their skin. That is why Lamborghini appointed him to make their Huracán EVO Spyder speed car, presented at the Lamborghini Lounge in Porto Cervo, last August, unique and outstandingly awesome.

The project

While setting his own artistic project, Dr. Woo liaised with the car company Ad Personam department. The tattoo artist himself explained his intention to focus his work on geometrical and linear decorations, therefore meeting the car design and its interiors. For the records, Dr. Woo implemented his single-needle technique to customise not only the car body, of course, but also leather that upholsters car interiors. As one can read in the Lamborghini portal, “Nero Ade (Black) and Giallo Taurus (Yellow) interiors show refined seats embellished with symmetrical edges, aiming at perfectly balanced lines and circles. Not to mention a spider, which is Dr.Woo’s unmistakable mark, placed on the rear panel”.

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