From Food To Fashion: a video explains why leather is sustainable

From Food To Fashion: a video explains why leather is sustainable

Only genuine leather is sustainable. The very direct message is launched by the LHCA (Leather and Hide Council of America) using a film that associates a particularly educational and informative dimension to the promotional dimension. In other words: it shows things as they are. In summary: leather is a material that protects the environment at the end of a process by which man recovers, transforms and enhances a waste. Title: From Food To Fashion. Four words that encompass the entire life cycle of leather.



From Food To Fashion

The video is on YouTube, and you can see it by accessing it directly above. In two minutes and 5 seconds it retraces on the one hand the development of the tanning process, on the other the positive effects for the environment: first of all sustainability and circularity. As the video tells us, tanneries save millions of leathers from landfills every year. In other words, the food industry produces an annual average of 300 million leathers: only 60% is recovered. The rest, something like 120 million leathers, are being discarded. All the rest is chatter.

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