From the web to the streets, the UNIC campaign to tell leather

Dal web alle strade, la campagna UNIC per raccontare la pelle

Communicating the values of leather to an audience that knows the quality of the material, but not the tanning process. Increase the appeal of leather to that market share of consumers who, on the other hand, perceive it as a product that is now taken for granted, old. Communicate in a transparent way, because it is the necessary prerequisite for gaining the confidence of the interlocutor. These are the three guidelines of the UNIC campaign to tell the story of Italian leather. The association of Italian tanneries presented, on December 3rd (during its Assembly), Don’t Say Greenwashing, the initiative entrusted to Spring Studios to communicate tanning on a global scale. And counterbalance the damage caused to the public opinion by those who want to hurt leather.

UNIC campaign

The premise is that there is so much confusion. For example, in a sample of “1,200 people interviewed in Italy, Germany, France and the United States, the vast majority thinks that sheep and cattle are bred for their leather”. Thanks to the same sample, Spring Studios had, first of all, what the perception of leather is. Then they outlined the communication strategy. The campaign is called Don’t Say Greenwashing, as we said, because the first step is to reiterate that leather is not, simply, 100% sustainable: it is sustainability that is 100% leather. Tanning practices actions every day that, for other sectors, are considered, as said, greenwashing. The campaign is developed with photos and videos on the web. But it also includes activities OOH (Out Of Home, that is, in the street), with posters and public insertions in the big fashion cities during the major reference events. In particular, in locations such as London, Copenhagen and Helsinki, when hostile leather tags usually raise their voices a lot.

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