Gearing up for a swift growth: China’s leather industry shows optimism

Gearing up for a swift growth: China’s leather industry shows optimism

China goes beyond possible odds about recovery. China’s leather industry optimism evidences such attitude of mind, with regard, for example, to a few public statements recently released by the President of CLIA, namely China Leather Industry Association. In other words, Li Yuzhong is rather confident that China and Chinese economy, in particular the leather industry one, are going to enjoy a “swift growth”.

Chinese economy is going to enjoy a “swift growth”

According to the president of CLIA, Chinese people’s daily life has pretty much gone back to normal and domestic market has been regaining vitality. “We therefore expect our business trend to go through a rapidly growing expansion in the next few months – remarked the president of CLIA –. In fact, Chinese market is enjoying a steady recovery”. His statement actually lies in a specific digital approach. “Factories currently manufacturing shoes, bags, items of clothing, furniture and cars have been actively implementing some new marketing models, such as webcasting”.

A rising demand

Furthermore, Li Yuzhong claims that Chinese demand for a number of raw materials, such as “leather and hides”, as much as “chemical products and machinery for tanning”, has been increasing. “While dealing with new changes, new requirements and new situations – he continued –, China’s leather industry companies look forward to spotting some business opportunities, alongside orders and professional business platforms”.  

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