Holland, Rompa and Oost Gelre municipality to fight battle third round

Oost Gelre Dutch municipality might reasonably sue Rompa Tanneries once again. In fact, after calling upon the Council of State about stink issues and missing papers, the local administration board has been accusing again the group of being non-compliant. Rompa should have obtained an authorization, which is still missing, by June 28, but deadline has expired now. Apparently, they did not submit any petition within the due date.

Their defending line

Twan de Bie, general manager of the tannery, has been taking the situation rather seriously. While speaking to a few Dutch media, he cleared up that Rompa aim to work out the problem without calling on the Council of State for the third time, which would be a waste of time and money both to Rompa and Oost Gelre municipality as well.

Technical times

De Bie also stressed the fact that Oost Gelre municipality set the deadline (28th June) one-sidedly. The company, which is liaising with licence issue authorities (ODRN), put forth a few technical solutions to work out the stink issue. In other words, Rompa (whose plant is also known as Vitelco Leather) is calling upon media to get municipality proactive collaboration. They do need it to complete successfully the bureaucratic procedure.

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