India, over 100 tanneries leave the Uttar Pradesh region: Calcutta is better

Gli espositori indiani a Riva del garda spiegano cosa sta succedendo alle concerie in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh’s leather chain keeps on getting smaller. About 100 tanneries previously operating in Kanpur and Chennai, the two leather clusters of the region, are close to transferring inside Calcutta’s industrial complex.

The new Cluster

As reported by, the government of Western Bengal is strengthening the area’s infrastructure, for the space called Calcutta Leather Complex. As stated by the local minister of finance, Amit Mitra, Uttar Pradesh’s tanneries will be moving inside the first Asian “Integrated Leather Complex”, located in Bantala, east of Calcutta, where they will be able to account on a streets, warehouses and workspaces system that can accommodate them. The industrial complex already hosts 385 tanneries and 140 leather goods’ manufacturers.

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