ISA TanTec doubles down on Vietnam and opens the Tay Ninh tannery 

ISA TanTec raddoppia in Vietnam, apre la conceria di Tay Ninh

ISA TanTec doubles down on Vietnam. The Asian tanner began activities in its new TanAsia Tec production site. The machines started officially running after the texts conducted at the beginning of March. The group, beside from announcing the start of the activities, also communicated that 100 employees are already working on site.

Doubling down on Vietnam

The new site covers a surface of 28,500 square meters. The company’s CEO, Uwe Hutzler, explained this past May that “TransAsia TanTec will occupy an area of 61.500 square meters, so that future expansions may be possible in the future”. The new tannery is located in the Tay Ninh province, near Ho Chi Minh City. The site is also not far from the Binh Duo province, where the group’s Saigon TanTec tannery is situated. As explained by the company online, the site will be able to tan 1.5 million square feet of finished leather per month, but the amount is destined to increase.

The virus is behind

ISA TanTec has also announced that its Heshan tannery, in the Guangdong province of China, has re-opened at full capacity. The site’s reopening was delayed by a few days after Chinese New Years’ celebration due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

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