France, bag invests: Tolomei (Le Tanneur) to open a new factory

France, bag invests: Tolomei (Le Tanneur) to open a new factory

New investment and new factory for Tolomei. In 2017, the French group bought out Le Tanneur, a leather goods manufacturer; following such deal, they are now planning to set up a new manufacturing plant. In other words, in January 2021 the group is reportedly due to open a factory in Monestier-Merlines, situated in the region of New Aquitaine. Here they will manufacture components for leather goods.

Tolomei to open a new factory

As reported by, Tolomei is already recruiting new employees. The new plant will supposedly start running in January 2021: work staff will be composed of 10 to 12 people. As soon as the factory runs at full speed, the overall number of workers will probably reach 60 units. Even people with no previous experience may apply for the job as they will be given full training, according to the company’s plan.

Components for leather goods

In the new manufacturing plant, the group is going to produce components for all their brands, including Le Tanneur. More specifically, in the facility based in Monestier-Merlines they will make straps and handles for leather bags: they will subsequently forward them to the other 8 French laboratories of the group.

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