Pakistan’s eight hard months, as exports of leather slump (-21.7%) and leather goods slow down. Good news for footwear (+14.5%)

Pakistan’s exports of leather and leather goods keep decreasing. Such is the scenario according to the latest data, made public by Pakistan’s Federal Bureau of Statistics, about the last 8 months of the financial year. From July 2018 to February 2019, exports of “hides and leather finished products” have been driving a 573 million dollar turnover, which therefore dropped by 9.7% on annual basis. More specifically, exports of hides decreased by 21.7%, while exports of leather goods accessories declined by 7.3%. The only good news come from leather footwear, whose trend is positive, as revenues increased by 14.5%. In the meantime, they keep working on the roadmap to the new industrial site based in Sialkot: all of the 276 tanneries, located in 10 clusters in the area, will supposedly work in the district, which is going to extend across 392 acres.

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