Pasubio Smart Tannery: 2.2 million euro from MiSE and the Veneto Region

Pasubio Smart Tannery: 2.2 million euro from MiSE and the Veneto Region

Luca Pretto, owner of Veneto-based tannery Pasubio, announced it in an interview to our magazine just a few weeks ago. “I see a great industrial revolution on the horizon for our sector, which will be made of the application of robotics, artificial intelligence, and digitalization”. Part of these words (also) refers to the Smart Factory project, or Smart Tannery project, for which Pasubio obtained over 2 million euro of financing from MiSE (Ministry for Economc Development of Italy) and from the Veneto region.

Smart Tannery

“The study and realization of advanced process technologies to guarantee maximum product quality, the efficient use of raw material and high sustainability of the process itself”. That’s the translated version of the title of the project that Pasubio will implement in its production sites in Veneto.

In other words, the Zermeghedo, Arzignano and Trissino locations. The financial plan lays out a total investment of 7.4 million euro. Of those, 1.85 million will be provided by MiSE, while the Veneto region will give 369,800 euro to the cause.

“We are revolutionizing the production model”

“The strengthening of the group’s financial structure and the significant improvement of our economic results has allowed Pasubio to have the resources and strength to start a new strategic course”, explained to us Luca Pretto (in picture on the left). A course “made of important investments to increase competitivity, which will be at the base of our forecasted growth.

From traditional investments focused, for the most part, on the augmentation of production capacity, we are moving to aspects that include technology, robotics and artificial intelligence”. As well as “informational systems and complex management tools. We are revolutionizing the production model to increment the quality of our products, increase the efficiency of our processes, and to monitor the efficacy level at every transformation phase”.

Using Resources in a better way

“We also initiated a project that will bring us to significantly improve the efficiency of our resource usage”, continues Mr. Pretto. The initiative refers to all resources, “water and electricity, as well as those connected to the environment and people”. In other words, the goal is to “guarantee the stability of our activities in the long period, the respect of the environment, and the safety and welfare of our collaborators.

We welcomed the financing and credits from MiSE and the Veneto region, that allowed us to incentive and promote our investments. Having the State on our side makes us feel the responsibility even more, along with the awareness that we are doing something extraordinary for the growth of our company. At the same time, we are doing it for the future of our country”.

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