Savar’s situation stops Bangladesh’s exports. Transport strike blocks Pakistani leather

In the first nine months of the 2016-2017 fiscal year, Bengalese exports of leather fell 4.7% in value, moving from a turnover of $ 211 million a year earlier to the current 201 according to the ‘Export Promotion Bureau (Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau). The agency identifies the primary cause of the slowdown in the slow process of transferring tanneries from Hazaribagh to the new Savar complex. “The negative impact of the closure of the Hazaribagh district will be particularly visible in the results of the current month,” commented the president of BTA, the national association of tanners. “The fear of customers not to see the deliveries delivered on time has led us to lose orders of 12 billion behind (about 135 million euros).” To bypass this problem, a tannery of Chittagong (the second city of Country) has invested 1 billion (just over 11 million euros) in the construction of a private water treatment facility. Pakistan also has no better situation. Islamabad skin patch faces the impact of a strike on According to the Association Of Tanners, while at least 300 containers full of materials remain firm by customers already come up with letters of contracts termination.


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