Scientific research carried out in company: tomorrow sees the opening of the laboratory to be co-managed by the Chienti Tanning company and the University of Camerino

It’s a laboratory set up to provide a link between business and university, to train new rofessionals and to provide useful services to fashion designers. The new laboratory of Research and Development in Tanning Hides set up by the Chienti tanning company at its factory site, in collaboration with the University of Camerino, is to be presented tomorrow, in front of an audience of representatives from the global fashion industry. “It is a structure that will be a place of scientific research as well as supporting production and quality in the tanning industry,” comments Marco Luppa, CEO of the Chienti company. The collaboration between the company and the university in the Marche, which began in 2015, does not end here: “From next January we’re starting an annual Masters degree course for graduates in Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals and Biology,” Luppa continues, “which will enable 16 young people to get in-service training to become professionals in the tanning industry.” The scientific director for the new laboratory, co-financed by the company and the university, which will also provide certification for tanning products, is Marco Berrettoni, a professor of chemistry at the University of Bologna. The Chienti tanning company, which was bought two years ago by the Chinese Jihua Group colossus, is planning a research programme to assess the possibility of metal-free hides in footwear. (rp)


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