Scottish Leather Group investigates Brexit’s worst effects: “We are an exporting company, we need a risk register now”

A risk register, that is, a file to assess and evaluate corporate risk, is supposed to investigate the potential effects of Brexit, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, on business. As reported by Scottish Herald Tribune, the managers of Scottish Leather Group, Great Britain’s most important leather tanning group, are currently working on that. “Our holding can still rely on outstandingly sound financial assets, despite a difficult business context”, remark from the company, whose sales revenues amounted to 145,6 million pounds over the last financial year. Yet, Scottish Leather Group is an exporting company as a matter of fact. The prospect of the isolation of the United Kingdom, out of the European Union and, consequently, out of the customs union, is distressing British fashion system. Of course, it is bound to affect the leather industry as well.


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