Tanning and social responsibility: awards for Gruppo Mastrotto and Masoni

Tanning and social responsibility: awards for Gruppo Mastrotto and Masoni

Two different awards given for one common denominator: social responsibility. Main character: Italy’s tanning segment, specifically two companies: one located in Veneto and one in Tuscany. Both obtained an important recognition for their attention to what we could call “the huma factor”. Gruppo Mastrotto and Masoni Industria Conciaria.

The award to Gruppo Mastrotto

It’s called DNA – Difference in Addition. And it’s the “award given to micro, small, medium and large companies – reads a statement – that aims at evaluating, give value to, and award virtuous projects tied to inclusion and diversity in a company”. A project that was analyzed “in terms of social responsibility and positive impacts of the production process”. Winning the first award is Gruppo Mastrotto, located in Arzignano.

“In detail – explains the Vicenza-based tanning group -, the award recognizes the strives made by an inclusion project we began in 2018”. The goal: promoting a real process of integration, both labor and social, offering the possibility “to people with cognitive-relational disability to grow personally and professionally by being actively involved”. A project that “led to the creation of a production department with productivity goals, activie in the assembly of color palettes, colors and samples”. The project that was given the award is part of the People Next Level initiative and a portion of “the company’s trip titled Sustainability Journey”.

Masoni’s podium

Masoni Industria Conciaria is glad to announce that it ranked 3rd in the Best Workplaces for Blue Collar 2022 ranking”, writes the tannery in an official statement. The ranking is made by Great Place to Work, research, tech and organizational consulting firm. “This award is the direct fruit of a positive feedback with Masoni’s blue collar population, as they provided feedback on the work-life quality of the place where they operate – writes the Tuscan tannery -. Becoming a part of this national ranking confirms our wish to guarantee the psychological and physical welfare of our employees, so as to try to grow as a single unit: a large family”.

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