Even two thousand years ago there were luxury shoes: look at this one

Even two thousand years ago there were luxury shoes: look at this one

Even two thousand years ago, there were luxury shoes. This is proven by the discovery of a leather sandal at a depth of about 3 metres at the bottom of a well in Lugo de Llanera, northern Spain. The mud in which it was immersed preserved it very well, as can be seen in the photo (from SciencePost). Archaeologists were able to discover and admire the details of its decoration. Researchers believe it was probably lost by those who were cleaning the inside of the well.

At the site of Ptolemy

The place where the Greek astronomer, mathematician and geographer Ptolemy wrote his main work, “Geography” has yielded numerous objects and remains dating back to Roman times. Back then, it was called Lucus Asturum. Today, it is called Lugo de Llanera. According to Science Post magazine, archaeologists recently found a leather sandal in the depth of a 3-metre well. And it had been there for about 2,000 years, submerged in mud and perfectly preserved.

The archaeologists are amazed by the details of the sandal, a true specimen of luxury footwear. And, consequently, by the skill of those who made the sandal. The sole is decorated with circles, rings and ovals. The shoe is made of dark brown leather with prominent stitching. Other objects were found inside the same well. Given the quality of the materials and artefacts, scholars believe that the residents of the site between the 1st and 2nd century AD must have been wealthy.

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