UNIC AssITerm invited to the conference to discuss leather and eco-leather

Explaining the importance and meaning of two labels that qualify not only the material they “represent”, but also the accessory they belong. Precisely defining the actual significance of the word “faux”, that so many brands, even the luxury ones, use to describe items that “are not in leather and are not environmentally friendly, but made with oil products.” To make more clear this difference,  the UNIC (National Tanning Industry Union) accepted the invitation to participate to the XXVII International Congress AssiTerm, Italian Association for Terminology, in Milan at the CNR Research Area. The conference, “The Product name. Brands Terms and Professions” was presented in front of a broad audience of professionals (not only academic but also representatives of law firms specialising in brand protection). Patrizia Pierro, from UNIC, said the identity of the aggregate marks in UNIC holds and proposed a reflection on linguistic scam eco-leather. The term, as can be read on the Treccani dictionary, exclusively identifies “a tanned animal using an environmental balance and respectful machining process”.


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