Innovation comes true. Simac Tanning Tech: the future is now

Technology innovation, environmental sustainability, production efficiency and industry 4.0: key words for Simac Tanning Tech, the exhibition of machinery and technology for footwear, leather goods and tannery. Such words and ideas turn into pragmatic trends and solutions presented by companies at the fair. To begin with, Spray Lab, soon available in the market, created by Fratelli Carlessi. It’s a device for sampling, but it’s much more than that. Says director Giulio Tandura: ”It’s for sampling, but also for general production. It implements and resembles settings of a real machine”. Furthermore, “when a company makes an article for a spray process, a few preliminary trials are required: to test and check composition and viscosity, as well as temperature for drying and speed… I might get a different result by testing through a box. That’s why we have created a device containing a robot: all data will help simulate a spray process real effect, in whichever box and condition, thus duplicating the guns range, speed and capability for the spray process”. Another innovative article, which’s been presented at the fair, is a software, created by Bergi, that enables remote work. “We have presented a grinding machine, named Innova 4.0, fully lined up with technology innovations”, says chairman Mauro Bergozza. “The device is ready and can be used for remote work. All electric parts are monitored: inverters, engines, sensors, micron, photocells. Some alarm systems immediately go off as set up parameters change. It also detects potential discrepancies and monitors consumptions and production; on top of that, it provides remote supervisory control. Our software will apply to all devices”.


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