Italian innovation is the winner in Hong Kong: the electronic eye of Ger Elettronica wins the Best of APLF Awards 2019

Distinguishing features: 33 times more effective than the human eye. In the spotlight is the innovative solution developed by an Italian company specialized in technology for the tanning industry. A solution that was awarded the Best of APLF Awards 2019 in Hong Kong last week. The company is Ger Elettronica and its “electronic eye”, winner in the New Tanning Technology category, is called Iris. What it is, is explained directly by Ger. “It is a device for the in-line control of color quality that identifies the characteristic parameters and quantifies the difference from a sample, allowing a selection based on color. The system can be used upstream of the manufacturing process, in the intermediate stages or for quality control”. The qualitative upgrading is evident: “The risk of drift errors is eliminated, the color control times are reduced” and “a continuous and exact analysis of the color can be obtained, accurately respecting the quality standards required by the supply contracts”, is the conclusion by Ger.


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