Bentley Flying Spur pushes luxury to extreme limit by making use of leather

Bentley Flying Spur spinge il lusso ai limiti. E lo fa con pelle

Bentley Flying Spur is pushing luxury to extreme limit. Despite the fact that veg alternative options are supposedly increasing in the supercar segment, they make use of leather a great deal. The British car manufacturer is about to launch on the market a super luxury Gran Turismo (GT) car, on its third generation. Bentley Flying Spur is a sports saloon car embellished with highly refined leather interiors: any other competitor, in the automotive industry, pales in comparison.

Bentley Flying Spur pushes luxury to extreme limit

The new Flying Spur model may boast a W12 6.0 635 torque engine. Yet, a stunning interior cabin flabbergasts customers. In fact, it has 350 leather dashboards and 60 components: 3 kilometres of thread put them together and fix them. They used 5 metres of thread for the steering wheel, which is something unique, a special gift for aficionados. Each single steering wheel requires a lot of work, three and a half hours. 141 artisans have been carrying out such painstaking work: prior to it, they had to do a five-month long training course. That was the only feasible way to ensure top-notch quality standards. Bentley’s clients may select and choose leather hides in 14 different colours, which they can match with 23 thread options.

For all tastes

Bentley’s jewel soundly evidences that attention towards vegan buyers and followers can go hand in hand with products made of natural materials. Automotive industry companies simply add them to their own catalogues: in doing so, they are able to supply several solutions that may possibly suit all tastes. It comes as no surprise at all, especially for Bentley. During the Future of Car summit, which took place in London about three years ago, Stefan Sielaff, design director of the brand, announced they would develop their first luxury car with “vegan” interiors. That was not an ideological choice, as the new Flying Spur model may well confirm, but rather a deal focused on sales and marketing goals. “You cannot sell a product containing animal hides, like Bentley, which includes up to 20 hides, to someone whose lifestyle proves to be vegan – emphasized Sielaff –. We are meeting up with these buyers and we are talking to them, especially in California. They wonder what we can do for them. We want to fulfil their needs: they are the peak representatives of a trend”.

Pictures taken from Bentley

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