New Adient Aerospace to make flying seats after joint-venture deal between Adient and Boeing

They will be headquartered in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Their aim is to “meet the aircraft industry growing demand for seats”. Leather (but not only) interiors global player Adient have recently signed an important joint-venture deal with Boeing, the aircraft manufacturing company. As a result of it, they have established a new company, Adient Aerospace, which will primarily attend to “airplane seats design and manufacturing”. As a matter of fact, “demand for seats, coming from our customers, has been always challenging for the industry and for Boeing – points out Kevin Schemm, senior vice president of Boeing’s Supply Chain Management -. Adient Aerospace will take advantage of the aircraft giant’s leadership in the industry, as well as of their domain expertise regarding the customers’ needs and technical requirements, to provide airlines and passengers all over the world with top quality products”.


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