USA, Adient invest over 20 million dollars to enlarge production plant

USA, Adient investe oltre 20 milioni per ampliare un impianto

Adient have been investing over 20 million US dollars to enlarge their manufacturing plant, based in Lexington, Tennessee. While carrying out such expansion strategy, the multinational corporation, which primarily acts as a supplier to automotive industry, is planning to take on 330 more employees. In 2015, the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (TNECD) launched a plan whose aim was to foster the industrial reconversion of agricultural communities in Tennessee. Adient’s investment is part of such economic programme.

Adient invest over 20 million dollars

Formerly in 2018, Adient had invested 10.8 million dollars (that is, about 9.7 million euros at current rates of exchange) to enlarge their manufacturing plant in Lexington. Following such investment, they hired 200 employees. Adient wanted to go farther. In fact, now, they are about to allocate 23.5 million dollars more (around 21.2 million euros).

Authorities are satisfied

Quite a positive message for Adient: they can make such considerable investments because orders and deliveries are thriving. Yet, this is a positive message for the whole area as well. “Adient’s decision to develop, for the second time, a remarkable business expansion evidences the importance of Tennessee occupational power – commented Bob Rolfe, TNECD manager, while speaking to local press – as much as the value of the ecosystem the area provides to companies”. As reported by media, in Tennessee a deeply rooted industry system serves the automotive sector. For the records, workers employed in the industry amount to over 130,000 units.

In the picture, Adient’s car interiors for Ford

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