You may call it, if you like, agility

In Hong Kong, the Global Footwear Executive Summit, held on March 12th, tries to analyse and find the countermeasures of the many “perfect storms” that are stringing the footwear world. And discover that the solution maybe is only one

The technological structure

Mass customization promises to liberate the production process from the seasonality of collections and at the same time freeing the whole fashion chain from the “stock” risk, supplying tailor-made footwear to clients. “Now is the time”

Digital manual

Traditionally associated to manual know-how, the process of the leather-textile-footwear chain is undergoing change under the force of the fourth industrial revolution. A European project explains which types of professional figures the industry needs


THE CHARACTERS | In the name of Kaiser Karl

February 19, 2019, the day of the death of Karl Lagerfeld, will be remembered by fashion and luxury as an epocal turning point. Nothing, after him (for CHANEL but not only) would continue to be like it used to be


The story of Raf Simons and Calvin Klein, which lasted just over two years, shows in an disruptive way an uncomfortable truth: aspiring to luxury can sometimes be very, very dangerous

FORCED REVOLUTIONS | Clarks lost identity

Something went wrong. Very grand disappointments. Few months were enough for Clarks to realize that “production levels and cost objectives were not going to be reached in the short-medium term”, to cite the words used by the historic English brand, which announced in January 2019 that it was shutting down the production site, effective in March. Thirty-five employees fired and 10 relocated within the company. What’s happening?

10 SHADES OF “NUDE” | To each her own

The inclusive idea of Kahmune: expand the “nude” tone range to combine footwear with a greater number of complexion. Italian leather and manufacturing for a project that gets it right


New York, July 16th 2019. Date and location of the fourth edition of World Leather Congress, event planned by the American tanners of LIA, USHSLA (USHide and Leather Association), under ICT’s (International Council of Tanners) hat, and with the concrete support of UNIC – Italian Tanneries and Lineapelle. The main Topic: leather in everyday life

SUSTAINABLE VALUE | Circular investment

An important step that shows how much Italian tanners believe in themselves. UNIC – Italian Tanneries acquires through its subsidiary Lineapelle, 2% of Sprintitaly’s capital, a special purpose acquisition company “that will incorporate Sicit via merger”

SHIRONAMESHI’S SECRETS | Himeji last tanner

He is called Matomo Nitta and in his hands resides the millenary art of making a white leather that “in contact with the human skin has the effect of a moisturizing cream”. We are going to tell you how in this article

STORIES FROM EASTERN EUROPE | Ukrainian resilience

To remain entangled in a war. And to find the strength to be reborn, focusing on international markets and events. The story of Vozko Tannery which, regardless of outside factor, keeps on moving forward

CHRONICLES FROM ASIA | Chinese syndrome

Beijing’s leather industry closes a very challenging and opaque 2018. The time spent at APLF confirms the mood is cold and concerned, with little desire (or possibility) of taking risks. And so a wait-and-see policy triumphs


RESEARCH | New ideas and eco-sustainability

We are always ready to face challenges and do research. We developed our patent in 2014: the first prototype of leather with injected feathers. The proper combination between research and design. Leather tanned with metal-free substances is transformed thanks to the injection of feathers from a soft duvet thermos-sealed to the piece of leather. A […]

CULTURE CLUB | Tanneries + Time + The Exhibition + The Reading

Tanneries Riccardo Luchini Painted like that, perhaps, we’ve never seen nor admired them. They are tanneries, as Tanneries is the original title of the series, portrayed by Riccardo Luchini and the subject of a double exhibition session last year. First at Casaconcia, the artistic space of Consorzio Vera Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Ponte a […]

INNOVATION | Factor 33

The number to keep in mind is 33. It identifies how many times the “electronic eye” IRIS is more effective in comparison to the human one. IRIS, developed by Ger Elettronica, won the Best of APLF Awards 2019 for the new Tanning Technology category, in March in Hong Kong. It is a device that checks […]

INNOVATION | Quality, replicability, rapidity

Quality, replicability, and rapidity of samples are becoming more and more determining factors for the competitiveness of a tanning business, which is facing the tough dynamics of today’s marketplace. Being able to accurately reproduce production lines means allowing technical operators to investigate new configurations in less time and with clear advantages: Energy saving, as well […]


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