NEW YORK, July 16th 2019
Date and location of the fourth edition of World Leather Congress, event planned by the American tanners of LIA, USHSLA (USHide and Leather Association), under ICT’s (International Council of Tanners) hat, and with the concrete support of UNIC – Italian Tanneries and Lineapelle. The main Topic: leather in everyday life.

 And what feels homier than one’s own home? We answer the question with a gallery of homey leather objects that we will show our readers on the next 4 pages. The images show how leather can and is everywhere, proving it has versatility and universality that make it add value to anything it is attached to. UNIC – Italian Tanneries, decided to fly to Paris from September 7th to the 11th of 2018 to prove this concept, and participated to Maison & Objet, fair dedicated to design and lifestyle. 17 objects and additional furniture objects were showcased (11 stools, 3 deckchairs and 3 punch-balls), rigorously made of leather and inserted in Material Village’s space, the hub organized by Material Connexion Italia, which is an international network for what has to do with consulting expertise on materials. The presence wasn’t casual. According to portal Business of Fashion, as a matter of fact, luxury brands have by now thrown themselves into complementary objects for furniture, intercepting (and at the same time stimulating), the demand that according to Euromonitor, will bring a 22% increase on sales numbers by 2022. Leather, it would seem, has the duty of not losing the ‘not-to-be-missed’ occasion to develop another channel. Judging from the photos in the following pages, they are moving forward. (lf/mvg)


Ever wondered how to swat flies in style? The perforated plastic classically used for this instrument, used to get rid of insects, is substituted with vegetable-tanned leather. The plastic-free choice for a leather flyswatter couldn’t choose anything but wood for handle. There are many types online, but all of them are handmade, such as the one by danish artisanal laboratory Jejsing GamleSmedje. Or the Finnish one, which is shaped like a fly. Or the ones that you can personalize with your initials, manufactured in the United States by Holtz Leather. Price: from 30 to 70 USD.


It’s called BallerYoga. It’s a yoga mat made with the leather from American footballs. The idea came to Cedric Yau on Balia’s beach. The professional athlete decided to unite the two sports he has a deep passion for by creating an accessory completely made of natural materials. The rougher leather used for the oval footballs adapts perfectly for yoga thanks to its grip level. These Football Leather Yoga Mats, beside from being eco-friendly accessories that avoid the usage of plastic that usual yoga mats use, are also luxury objects. The price ranges from 500 to 1,000 USD based on the format. One may choose from two colors, the classic (or brown) and a more peculiar red.


They are a fundamental part of local barman’s outfits nowadays, even more so if the bar has a hipster mood. But it is also an accessory with a loved retro style, loved by artisans, barbers and florists: leather aprons have become a real must-have. It is often paired with denim or fabric and it is an object to be used not just by whoever works, but also in the kitchen, garden, or daily home-life. This accessory can also be personalized via print or the engraving of writings and initials. Prices vary from 30 to 100 USD. There is also a version with long sleeves for welders.


Want to drink coffee or hot tea without burning your hands? Why not cover your favorite mug with a leather sleeve. Many models exist, but the more convenient ones are the versatile ones that can adapt to glasses and ceramics of different sizes. An elegant and practical solution to taste hot beverages at home while feeling on a camping trip in the forest. The soft and resistant vegetable-tanned leather is kept together by brass studs that keep the vintage style all around.


not getting burnt is always the goal. Avoiding getting burnt in style is just an added value for this. A pot holder made with leather, to hold cast-iron pans or protect yourselves from the high temperatures around where the stove is. A fun design gadget that substitutes the normal cloth or silicon holders. The idea comes from the brand Nick Mankey Designs.

Thanks to its open- scissor sewing, these holders adapt to any type of pot handle by simply pressing it in between the two parts. Once installed, a cast-iron handle at 400-degrees Celsius will simply feel warm. Prices starting from 19 USD.


Leather comes to the rescue of all the wooden furniture that would otherwise get glass and mug marks on it. In this occasion leather is used to make simple coasters, but very effective ones. They adapt to the design style of any home, from the most modern ones to vintage houses. And they do not need to be washed as cloth coasters, nor need to be ironed as the knitted ones. Leather proves itself as the ideal material to protect any surface from wine drops or coffee spills. There are many types for different prices on the market, and they are often easily customizable gadgets.


Passion for sewing can, at times, leave marks on one’s fingers. The risk of poking a hole with needles is daily business. The thimble was created for this very reason, and is usually made of metal or ceramic (in the more vintage versions). In order to make this object even more functional and comfortable, a leather version of it has been created in combination with metal. The brand Onogal offers a professional thimble made as mentioned.


Afraid leather could get wet? no: this concern is now long forgotten. The design world is used to utilizing waterproof leather that resists in places that are usually humid. And so, bathroom furniture can also be made with leather. From a paper towel holder to a toothbrush holder, or even a mirror. Leather accessories attribute a sophisticated style even to this room. The types vary due to their taste: minimal objects of natural tones are offered, but there they can also be made of exotic leather to show off the luxuriousness of the materials.




















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