Lineapelle: “Personalisation with the skill of fine craftsmanship.” Hand-made, an added value offered by Italian tanneries

Hand-buffered, hand-crumpled and hand-painted, the leathers proposed in this edition of Lineapelle increasingly offer works of fine craftsmanship, conveying the added value and uniqueness that distinguish the Italian product from the production of the rest of the world. Italian tanneries are proposing leathers produced with a careful eye on detail, often hand-crafted to produce materials that make up for the fact that footwear and leather goods manufacturers are unable to implement these types of processes. “Above all in the casual segment, we offer ready-brushed and hand-aged leathers with textures that are usually produced by the skilled shoemaker– explains Dino Di Maio from the Dmd stand (Solofra) – and we are doing so precisely because not everyone can afford to perform this type of process in-house”. The same operation is featured on the textured leathers with glittery hand-crafted 3D effects exhibited by the Tuscania Tannery (Fucecchio), on the hand and machine-crumpled leather with lightening pull-ups by Martini Pio (Castelfranco di Sotto), but also on the hand-painted python leather and distressed ponyskin in fading colours admired by visitors to the exhibition on the stand of the Dolmen Tannery (Santa Croce). “We personalise our leathers with the skill of fine craftsmanship” says Alessandra Giannoni of Ecopell 2000 (Santa Croce) showing off their line of misdyed, extremely soft hand-brushed, and hand-buffered and washed leathers, also sporting a tree trunk effect: “Items which acquire an elegance that is as unindustrialised as possible”.


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