Axel Arigato to invest 7,5 million euros in Japanese style and Italian leather

Axel Arigato are going to be given 7,5 million euros by Vaultier7, a London-based investment fund dedicated to providing support to innovative partners, especially within the beauty and personal care industry. Such is the primary aim of the Swedish brand, who became renowned and iconic thanks to their Japanese styled sneakers: to reinforce their position through the omni channel development. Shoes, mostly made of leather tanned in Italy, are manufactured in Portugal. Albin Johansson, CEO of Arigato, clears up that funds will also contribute to open flagship stores in New York, Paris and Copenhagen, following the great success achieved by the store inaugurated in Soho, London. Furthermore, Max Svärdh, creative director at Arigato, is working on their first apparel product line. Founded in 2014, Axel Arigato earn around 9 million dollars every year. Two women, Montse Suarez and Anna Sweeting, have founded Vaultier7 and currently manage it: “Axel Arigato – they commented – has been always standing out as a fashion disrupter with a peculiar and sharp orientation towards digital”.


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