Michael Kors leaves New York fashion week: “It’s time for a change”

”Michael Kors leaves New York fashion week: “It's time for a change”

At the moment, there is a digital presentation scheduled for October 15th. The only sure thing is that Michael Kors leaves New York fashion week: the US brand event will not be part of the Big Apple fashion week calendar, scheduled from September 13-17. Is the pandemic involved? Yes, to the extent that it pushed the top management of the fashion house, Capri Holdings‘ flagship, to seek a new harmony with their needs. “I felt for a long time that the calendar had to change – explains the designer to Corriere della Sera -. The decision doesn’t necessarily come because of Covid-19, but the virus has given me and other designers the opportunity to slow down, analyse and really reflect on the way things were, and how we could do them better”.

Kors leaves New York week

It is not a leap in the dark, of course. “I think the system would have evolved over time – continues Michael Kors -. But a crisis changes your sense of what’s needed and what’s possible. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that flexibility is the key”. Getting away from the presentation calendar was the first step. “It’s something we were thinking about, and we talked about with our sales partners and our factories – he concludes -. Before making the announcement, we had to make sure everyone was aligned. It is healthy to see the entire sector recalibrate itself for what is right, to help the company”.

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