The mask too is cool: leather and python proposals

The mask too is cool: leather and python proposals

Even masks are fashion these days. And among the items on the market there are also those made of leather. The Italian brand Les Jeux du Marquis chose python for an extra-luxury solution, while the French Maison Fabre and Eureka make them in lamb leather. For all of them, leather stands out for its greater sustainability compared to the disposable surgical mask.

Even the mask too is cool

Les Jeux du Marquis was founded in 2012 in Marche, and focuses on the mix between eroticism and couture. After making cotton masks to satisfy a Dutch customer, Emanuele Coppari, designer and owner of the brand, created python leather masks, with silk lining and cotton edges. All handmade.

“I have personally tried it, and I find that breathing is better than with those in cotton” says Coppari, who offers two versions: one anchored to the ears and the other to the nape. The rubber bands are available in different colours, that can be combined with the look.

Featured price 280 euros. “Dutch customers wear it for their chic evenings. To go to the theatre or for an evening gala – concludes Coppari -. Like any other python garment, the mask is water-repellent and should be washed by contacting a specialised laundry”.

Leather from France

In Millau, a French city famous for the production of gloves, Maison Fabre produces washable lambskin masks. The product is perforated, to ensure better breathability, and has an internal pocket for inserting the filter. The company also offers them in different colours. The cost is 35 euros.

In Graulhet, a transalpine city renowned for its tanning tradition, Eureka tannery has started a collaboration with designer Aimric Valentin to create 100% French leather masks. The mask, in cotton, is covered with lambskin. Available in 3 types of tanning and in more colours, the model is sold for 59 euros.

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