Ethiopia, Huajian gets broader: they will own Jimma Industrial Park for 40 years

Huajian Group, one of the largest Chinese (but not only) women’s footwear manufacturers, has signed an agreement with Ethiopian Industrial Park Development Corporation to take over the business of Jimma Industrial Park, built by China Communications Construction Company, opened in December 2018 and state owned. Thanks to this agreement, Huajian has acquired the operational rights of the industrial park for the next 15 years, renewable for another 25. Under this agreement, the Chinese group will invest 100 million dollars. Lelise Neme, managing director of Ethiopian Industrial Park Development Corporation, indicated that Jimma Park will create 15,000 long-term jobs. Huajian Group has been operating in Ethiopia since 2011, already has two shoe factories that produce 5 million pairs a year and employ over 7,000 people. Altogether, Huajian Group employs 28,000 people and produces 8 million pairs a year, 80% of which is made with leather. Zhang Huarong, president of Huajian Group, said: “Huajian intends to convince other Chinese companies to open a plant in Jimma Industrial Park, in addition to developing their own investments”. The construction of 9 shoe and clothing manufacturing factories is, too.

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