FFANY and FDRA merge to strengthen US footwear

FFANY and FDRA merge to strengthen US footwear

FFANY and FDRA merge to bring a unite entity, able to represent all US footwear operators, to life. The agreement stipulates that Fashion Footwear Association in New York will be united with Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America from October 1st, 2020. The board of the two associations still has to confirm the terms.

FFANY and FDRA merge

According to the agreement signed, all members of FFANY will automatically become members of FDRA by the end of the year. A large part of FFANY’s members was already involved with FDRA, which is headquartered in Washington but has its operational office in New York. Matt Priest, president and CEO of FDRA comments to Footwear News that the marriage will allow his association to strengthen its position and become one of the most relevant voices in the segment. FDRA mentioned it will have the opportunity to expand to other sellers and retailers present in FFANY’s circle. Mr. Priest also announced that FFANY will be managed by an ad-hoc committee inside the US distributors and retailers’ federation.

Heron’s position

John Heron, executive director of FFANY will become a consultant for FDRA. Mr. Heron believes that, at least for now, FFANY will maintain its program (of 4 editions per year), by posing even more attention to the June and December editions. “We need to have long talks over what is the right way to join our efforts and align our timelines in a constructive manner”, he points out to Footwear News. According to Heron, discussions will include the following topics: Fashion week and buy-now, wear-now. No changes will take effect for 2021 with regards to both timelines and locations.

In photo, from footwearnews.com, Matt Priest (to the right) and John Heron (left)

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