Moncler makes it clear that it wants to invest in Italian shoes

Moncler makes it clear that it wants to invest in Italian shoes

Protecting the Italian supply chain and investing in Italian shoes. These are Moncler‘s priority manufacturing objectives. Objectives that, as CEO Remo Ruffini said, exclude (for now?) the possibility of implementing a similar strategy in leather goods or acquiring other brands. The possibility of vertical acquisitions for Moncler, therefore, is equivalent to betting on footwear.

Moncler wants to invest in Italian shoes

“Footwear should weigh 10% of Moncler’s turnover by 2025“. This is the stated goal of the group, which in the first quarter of 2022 recorded revenues of 590 million euros: something like +61% compared to 2021. “The shoe business at Moncler has grown very well, but still well below its real potential. Now we are ready to take up this challenge,” says Ruffini.

Protecting the Italian supply chain

Safeguarding Italian craftsmanship is one of the keys to our success. Since we are growing, but the production capacity is not unlimited, we aim to expand it,” explains Luciano Santel, chief corporate and supply officer of Moncler during Capital Markets Day 2022. “We are not aiming – MF Fashion reports – at brand acquisitions, but at structures with already developed skills to put at the service of the group”. These words refer to footwear, a segment where Moncler wants to bet on the future, as it has noticed a rise in demand for luxury sneakers in the United States.

Unleashing our potential

“We know that sneakers are a must-have for our communities. We also know that footwear will help unlock the potential of the US market,” confirms Ruffini. To achieve this goal, Moncler hired Gino Fisanotti (formerly Nike) as Chief Brand Officer. Unlike most luxury brands, however, Moncler will not focus on bags. “I don’t see the correspondence with our brand,” Ruffini said, as reported by Business of Fashion.

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