The USA and the shoe: sneakers leads men’s fashion undercutting the primacy of womenswear

In the United States, purchasing of male shoes undermines those of women’s. NPD, a specialist in the fashion market, estimates that the turnover of the male sector has now reached 26.2 billion dollars. This figure is 3.7 less than the female footwear that, for the time being, holds first place by cashing in just under $ 30 billion. The trend, however, seems to be geared to overturn the situation in a short time: “The sales of women’s shoes continue to decrease in value and number of pairs, unlike male ones” summed up Beth Goldstein of NPD. Part of this change is the way it is today. A more casual style induces women to buy “versatile shoes while the American male has suddenly started collecting sneakers: camping, fishing, rock climbing, snow.” Patterns now custom-made and worn at any time of day and every occasion. At least for now, those who point to the United States are aware of having to offer comfortable, sporty shoes that last longer than a season.


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