ICEC renews its management with the entrance of CNMI and Assopellettieri

ICEC renews its management with the entrance of CNMI and Assopellettieri

The presidency goes to Paola Arosio, Head of New Brands and Sustainability Projects at CNMI (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana). The vice-presidency was given to Andrea Calistri, owner of Sapaf Atelier 1954 and vice-president of Assopellettieri. ICEC renews its management team with the goal of widening its operational horizons. The assembly held by the Leather Traceability Institute (in Milan, June 22nd), testifies to the effort and authority of the Institute along the entire leather and fashion chain.

ICEC renews its management

“I am very happy that Camera Nazionale della Moda italiana, with its very own Paola Arosio (in photo in top-left corner), will be present at ICEC’s table for the next two years – commented Carlo Capasa (in picture in the bottom-left corner), president of CNMI in a note -. Traceability and certifications are important tools to accompany companies towards a more sustainable path. The leather chain is a fundamental asset for our country. That’s why it becomes increasingly important to create a structured system, with two-ways activities that work towards a common shared strategy for the fashion segment”. Arosio has been coordinating sustainability projects for CNMI since 2012, as well as developing initiatives to support the growth of emerging designers, training programs and other activities in the Human Resources and Education area. The latter area has also paid particular attention to the theme of diversity and inclusion.

Calistri’s enthusiasm

“After much professional experience gained in business and effort made on various activities related to the Made-in-Italy topics – adds Calistri, already president of CNA Firenze and of Consorzio Centopercento Italiano – it’s a pleasure for me to take on such important title in the field of certification. I thank Assopellettieri for having chosen me as a candidate. Now more than over, the entire fashion chain in Italy needs competencies in this field. I hope to be able to take on these responsibilities and contribute to the achievement of the goals that ICEC has set for itself”.

BoD and supervisory committee

The assembly held on June 22nd was the chance to renew ICEC’s BoD. Fulvia Bacchi (director of UNIC – Italian Tanneries), Diodato De Maio (Conceria DMD) and Enrica Miramonti (Conceria Gaiera). Alongside are Laura Balducci (past president of ICEC, Conceria Antiba), Paola Crespi (Assocalzaturifici), Stefania Annunziata (UNPAC) and Luca Balsemin (which was vice-president of Conceria NICE), Edoardo Imperiale (director of SSIP) and Alfredo Cassano (CNR). N Carlo Brondi (CNR) will be at the head of the supervisory committee.

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