Kering succumbs to no fur: no more fur from 2022

Kering gives the no-fur crowd a run for their money: no more fur from 2022

In strictly journalistic terms, the press release with which Kering announced that it will no longer use fur is weak. Because, as the authors themselves explain, the French group is ratifying a decision that its brands have already made some time ago. From a political point of view, however, we can see that the Pinault family-run company is giving the no-fur crowd a run for their money. Why? To support the reasons for its choice, which will definitely be effective from the Autumn-Winter 2022 collections, it talks about fashion and sustainability issues. It promotes the idea that fur has nothing to do with these two worlds. And discrediting the work of those who, starting with colleagues/competitors of the LVMH group, work and invest in fur.

Kering will no longer use fur

We read the words of François-Henri Pinault, president and CEO of Kering. “For many years, our group has sought to take a leading role in the path of sustainability, promoting a vision of luxury inseparable from the highest environmental and social values and standards”, he says. “Even when it comes to animals well-being, we have demonstrated a willingness to improve practices both within the supply chain and across luxury in general. Today, it is time to take a further step forward by eliminating the use of fur in all our collections. The world has changed, along with our customers, and the luxury sector has to adapt in a natural way”.

A different fashion is possible

The news is not so new. The group in its own way ratifies a turn that Gucci had already undertaken in 2017, and to which the other brands in the group, namely Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Brioni and Saint Laurent, had gradually adapted. These are choices, and the choices are unquestionable. The arguments, on the other hand, are open to criticism. “The world has changed”, says Pinault. But who says this change has to be fur free? On La Conceria no. 5 we had the opportunity to exchange views with LVMH Environment Development Department, who also explained how fur is part of the sustainable paradigm in their strategy.

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