Using fur is a natural choice, says Serge Brunschwig, CEO of Fendi: “While it is not using oil for PVC”

“When we use a part of an animal, we are not doing something abnormal, but we are continuing a tradition started by humanity in prehistory. What is new and bad is to use oil to make PVC and other materials: something that started 50 years ago and that is polluting the planet massively. If you use natural leather you are not doing this. We buy certified furs and certification means protection of the animal welfare and there is no cruelty”. These are the words of Fendi’s CEO Serge Brunschwig, in an interview published yesterday by the South China Morning Post (in the image, the screenshot of the article) that addresses the no-fur choice undertaken by multiple fashion brands and some cities. “We are dealing with something that is not rational,” Brunschwig added, saying that the sale of fur is stable throughout the world. The Fendi’s CEO, who claimed to have no haste and pressure for the succession of Karl Lagerfeld, announced the Fendi Craft initiative, a traveling exhibition of artworks created in collaboration with graffiti artists who use furs of various kinds.


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