Armani narrate La Prima: “Italian artisans are fundamental”

Armani racconta La Prima: “Fondamentali gli artigiani italiani”

“At the end of the nineties, looking around, I felt the need to create something that had a special touch. Recognisable, but at the same time deeply Armanian”. Thus saw the light La Prima, Giorgio Armani’s debut in the leather goods sector. The designer himself tells the creative path that led to the birth of a bag that has become iconic today, in an interview with Il Messaggero.


“Mine was an inverse path to that of other well-known names that, from leather goods, then came to clothing” explains Armani. La Prima stems from an in-depth study of women’s needs. “It had to be functional but also beautiful – says the designer -. So in 1995 I designed following the instinct, inspired by some details from the jackets, like the roundness of cuts and the darts”. But the idea then had to be translated into concrete reality. “To achieve this, a collaboration with some of the best Italian leather craftsmen was fundamental”, says Armani. “The decision to reproduce this model today depends on my desire to present a synthesis between past and future”.

The return

La Prima, therefore, returns in a series of six new models, “strongly tied to the original, but with their own soul”. The classic lines remain. The accuracy of a handmade accessory made of top quality leather remains, to which, however, new manufacturing techniques are added. The return to the spotlight of La Prima took place last September, when Alessandra Mastronardi and Isabelle Huppert showed it off at the Venice Film Festival.

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